Career Development

The Career Development offers activities and training for FEP Finance Club members, University students and the academic community in general. This department aims to improve the knowledge and skills of the students, in order to develop their abilities for a successful financial career. Thus, the department organizes activities and issues publications related to career themes. The activities can be Finance Meetings or Finance Workshops. 

Finance Meetings

Consisting out of informal sessions where students learn from experience of CEOs and other professional in finance world. In these meetings the professional explains not only how a day at the office is, but also which path did they took to get to where they are.

Finance Workshops

The objective is to give students a precious insight in a specific career in the world of professional finance. These sessions are organized with the help of a professional in the area where he explains his profession and also provides practical examples of what he does.

"Motivated students, good selection, pretty good knowledge and clear interest for Capital Markets! Good organization, very friendly and professional, great enthusiasm (and nice cakes!)."

Christopher Claude, Head of BNP Paribas CIB Front Office Services Lisbon

Financial Literacy Project

The Department is approaching the broader community of the city of Oporto in volunteering service. To contribute to a better and informed society the department organizes the voluntary project “Financial Literacy Project” together with Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda since 2012/2013.