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The FEP Finance Club is a student’s society dedicated to enhance the entry of students from the Faculty of Economics into the professional world. We are now in a recruitment phase, which is a crucial time for our Club. The application process is open to all FEP students twice a year (September and February).

Typically, you can apply to all of our Departments listed below, but you should have a precise idea of which role you would like to take. All applications are for membership positions. Management positions are assigned to highly committed FFC members, who have at least one-year experience in the Club. Thus, before applying, please inform yourself about the different Departments and the Structure of the Club. The Club is divided into four main departments listed below. 

All Departments are recruiting in this season. So, do not miss this chance and apply until 25th February, midnight!

Financial Markets

The Financial Markets Department consist out of the Market Research, Portfolio Management and FX Trading. You must ensure that you have read and decided on a specific sub department before your application. The departments require different levels of technical skills and workloads. You can find more information on each sub department on this webpage.

Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance Team is looking for students who have or are about to gain experience in a company valuation. This team normally consists out of students that enroll on the Corporate Finance classes, however, if you have solid financial accounting knowledge and you are a quick learner, do not hesitate and apply to this department.

Career Development

The Career Development aims to improve the knowledge and skills of the students, in order to develop their abilities for a successful career, thus the department organizes activities and issues publications related to career themes. The activities can be Finance Meetings or Finance Workshops. The department also have the Financial Literacy Project with our partner Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda.

External Relations

In the External Relations Department, you will have to choose between a great number of teams: Would you rather be in our Marketing team, taking care of the homepage and other social networks or do you prefer to work with companies and planning Business Trips or even the next FEP Trading Cup? Any of these teams require a regular commitment.

Take your chance and apply no matter which background you have, convince us with your motivation! 

Join us. Try it. Achieve it. Invest in yourself.


Recruitment Process

Step 1 - Application: All applicants should download our Application Form and then fill out the form until midnight, 25th February. After you fill out the form send your application in PDF format to the email (with the subject: Application for the FEP Finance Club). If you consider relevant you can also attach your Curriculum Vitae. (Language: English)

Step 2 – Assessment Centre: Individual Tests & Group Dynamics: In the first stage of the Assessment Centre, Individual Tests, you will be asked to take a number of written tests. These tests, however, do not cover any knowledge on finance or the area of your desired department. In the second stage, Group Dynamics, the applicants will work with a team of other candidates, and together, they have to find solutions for different problems while being observed by our experienced team members. You will also answer an individual question on a Pitch format. 

The two very different methods show us your logical thinking as well as your social skills. It will take place on 27th February / 1st March . The date for each candidate will be schedule by phone. (Language: English for the Individual Tests and English/Portuguese for the Group Dynamics depending on your preference)

Stage 3 – Interviews: If you pass the Assessment Centre, you will have a Personal Interview with the Director of the Department that you have applied for and will take place on 2nd March. The time of each the candidates will be schedule by phone. All applicants selected and non-selected for interviews phase will be contacted by phone. (Language: English/Portuguese depending on your preference)

Stage 4 – Integration: After the interviews, until midnight 3rd March, each candidate will be notified by phone if they did pass or not pass. If you were one of the selected applicants, we will welcome you as the new member in the following day. The integration day will take place on 3rd March at FEP, afternoon. We will take new photos, you will have some presentations and we are also preparing a surprise for the evening. 


The reason why we invest so much time and effort in our application process is, besides the information we gain about you, the great practice it is for everyone involved. The application process can be found in the same way at many employers and hence we believe, that going through it once with us, will give you an advantage in the future.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email to or by Facebook.

Thank you and good luck!