The Club

One of the main values of the FEP Finance Club is its transparency. Hence we are currently working on a simple  statistical overview, which shall put the Club's achievements into a numerical context. 


Core Statistics

The FEP Finance Club strives to be actively present at the School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto (FEP).  We get engaged in the planning and the execution of many events which allows us to always reach for more students. Our ultimate goal is to be well-known and recognized by students within FEP as well as other faculties. Each September, the Club introduces itself to the faculty and especially to new students at "Mostra a FEP" and the Welcome Sessions for the new students of the Master Programs. 

We measure our success in the number and diversity of applications, the growing size and success of our members, and the experience we are developing.

Increasing Number of Members

In 2012/13 the Club was founded. In its first year, the Club had 9 members who were all students of the Master in Finance at FEP. In the following years, the interest rose, so that in 2014 almost every third Master in Finance student participated in the FEP Finance Club. We are expecting the development to continue, as since March 2015 all students at FEP can apply to the Club.

Increasing Community Reach

The FEP Finance Club started with only Master in Finance Students concentrating on the academic and professional career at the same time. By now, the Club has evolved further and actively invites students from other Master degrees and undergraduate students of FEP to become members and to participate in the activities.

Nevertheless, the Club remains focused on activities that benefit students who are seeking professional careers in finance. The different reports published by the Corporate Finance and Financial Markets Teams build a bridge to students from other faculties, interested in the regards to the community reach, it is broadened and manifested by the Financial Literacy Program.

Excellent Reputation of FEP

The School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto (FEP) has an excellent reputation in Portugal. This year it had the highest grades required to enter the Bachelor Degree in Economics and the second highest entry requirements for the Bachelor Degree in Economics and the second highest to enter the Bachelor Degree in Management of the country. The University of Porto is furthermore the second largest university with 30,066 enrolled students.

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