About Us

FEP Finance Club is a student’s society dedicated to enhance the entry of students from the School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto (FEP U. Porto) into the professional world. It operates at the FEP U. Porto in Portugal. Concentrating on the enhancement of the skill sets of its members; it does also educate about and promote careers in Finance in the faculty. Before 2015, FEP Finance Club was represented only by candidates of the Master in Finance. From 2015 until now, the Club has decided to open its membership to all students of FEP U. Porto. 

The FEP Finance Club was first established in March 2012 following the tradition of major international business schools, and act as the Finance & Investment Club from University of Porto. FEP Finance Club´s ultimate goal is to promote an approach of their members to the world of professional finance through a range of technical and non-technical activities. 

We create a professional environment for our members, expecting high motivation and commitment (read about our recruitment process here). This allows us to create a unique combination of opportunities to offer to the students of the Faculty of Economics and to the greater Porto community. 


  • Technical Trading: Learning by Doing

The Financial Markets and the Corporate Finance departments train its members to evaluate and write reports on a regular basis. Group discussions are held in regular meetings in most of the departments.

  • Soft Skills

Communication skills, time management skills and structural & logical thinking are vital for the writing and editing of reports. Regular meetings concentrate on presentation and public speaking skills.


  • Career Development: Business Trips

FEP Finance Club offers 3 to 4 Business Trips each year. In the trips, members and FEP students are encouraged to connect with possible future employers. Besides the Business Trips, the students are further supported in their application processes.

  • Seminars & Competitions

Seminars and Competitions held by the FEP Finance Club target students of the faculty. The FEP Trading Cup was one of the first of such and is planned to be repeated in the year 2015-16.


  • Social Services: Financial Literacy Program

The Financial Literacy Program is organized by the members of the Career Development Department. it aims to train high school students and will in the future broaden its scope to all age groups. In small sessions, the audience is informed about the basics of Finance. The program is supported by the Portuguese Government and constantly extended. If you are interested in participating please do not hesitate to contact us.

Training technical and soft skills of tomorrow's professionals.