Management Team

The Management Team of the FEP Finance Club consists on President, Vice President and four Directors, which represent one Department each. This year's members of the Management Team are students from Bachelor in Economics and Management, and Master in Economics, Finance and Services Management. They showed outstanding commitment in their previous year on the Club and represent the diversity of the Club.


Cristiana Cunha

Anywhere, anytime, our future professionals must be prepared for constant challenges and that is why we have our members constantly connected to the Club. Technical skills are important, but only by putting them into practice we can gain some advantage to the person we were before. The FEP Finance Club taught me that motivation requires hard work, and that hard work brings the right motivation to strive beyond our limitations and create what we know better: impact in our members, students and community. After all, we are dealing with people and that is what it should be about: people.


Vice President

Sofia Silva

"I truly believe that education, intelligence, talent, and skill are important, but drive is critical, because exceptional people are driven by something deeper and more personal than just the desire to do a good job. If I had to say in one sentence what defines me as a person, and as one of the Next Generation Women Leaders named by McKinsey Portugal, in 2016, it would be: “I am passionate about problem solving and, with a very demanding and motivated team, I thrive at solving them and leading the team to achieve measurable results and make them focus on our goals”."


Financial Markets

Corporate Finance

Career Development

External Relations

Nuno Loureiro

The world’s financial markets come together to form a single organism that we, as investors, can tap to, but beware, for an uninformed approach can be disastrous. Here you will be able to grow and learn the technical skills you will need to face the markets and succeed where many have failed. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin.

Duarte Pinto

Every company is different and constantly changing, which can be quite intimidating for those who want to assess its value. Nevertheless, this exercise is fundamental not only for investors but also for several other entities, namely all those who interact with the company such as employees and debtholders. In our department, you’ll find useful resources that aim to help you facing this challenge.

Sofia Coelho

Act as if what you do makes a difference, because it surely does. It is truly unbelievable to be at a place where you can have a crucial impact both on our students and the community. We aim at sharpening social skills, motivation and commitment, and most importantly, we teach our members to never undersell themselves.

Cátia Silva

We believe that we grow as much as our capability to learn from different experiences powered by the biggest players on the market. That’s why we invest so many time building strong partnerships and working in our communication skills. Our drive is to be the best through the best.