Management Team

The Management Team of the FEP Finance Club consists on President and four members, which represent one Department each. This year's members of the Management Team are students from Bachelor in Economics and Master in Finance. They showed outstanding commitment in their previous year on the Club and represent the diversity of the Club.


Ana Luísa Silva

"I truly believe that education, intelligence, talent, and skill are important, but drive is critical, because exceptional people are driven by something deeper and more personal than just the desire to do a good job. If I had to say in one sentence what defines me as a person, and as one of the Next Generation Women Leaders named by McKinsey Portugal, in 2016, it would be: “I am passionate about problem solving and, with a very demanding and motivated team, I thrive at solving them and leading the team to achieve measurable results and make them focus on our goals”."


Financial Markets

Corporate Finance

Career Development

External Relations

Tiago Carvalho

“Every minute, every second markets are moving. Every little detail can be crucial for the behaviour of an asset value. Knowing what is happening in the world and the impact of that is what will make our members different from the rest of the professionals in the future.”


Miguel Guimarães

"As future managers and entrepreneurs, one of our main goals is to maximize the value of our firms and ventures. Learning what drives the value of companies is very important, albeit not nearly as much as understanding what drives our own. We provide our members with an opportunity for improving their technical skills, increasing their value as future professionals along the way."

Francisco Silva

"The teamwork and good work environment in a group of talented people are key to the sustainability of ambitious organizations such as ours. It's a privilege to be responsible for maintaining the human relations flowing, as long as we can make a major impact on the learning society around us."

Francisca Santos

"The road to success and improvement is through commitment. Our commitment is to the students and our members. We're seeking to build a club of better professionals by setting strategic goals, communicating effectively and striving for them. Solving problems, dreaming with more and promoting strategic thinking is our plan to grow and to motivate our members every day."