Management Team

The Management Team of the FEP Finance Club consists on four members, which represent one Department each. This year's members of the Management Team are students from Bachelor in Economics, Master in Economics and Master in Finance. They showed outstanding commitment in their first year on the Club and represent the diversity of the Club.

Career Development

External Relations

Corporate Finance

Financial Markets

Tiago Paiva

"The future of all organizations depends on the talent that they can attract and develop. Here we help our members upgrading and acquire new skills that will become key elements in their professional life."

Ana Luísa Silva

"The opportunities we offer to students are dependent on our communication and negotiation skills. The success of these can be seen almost immediately by the appreciation of the professional world which motivates every member every day."

Pedro André Silva

"The challenging part of our work is not the technical part, but the ability to make and stand by your opinion against a sea of others. We offer an opportunity for growth and self-improvement, a place for discussion and networking, because our objective is not only value companies but also value ourselves."

Franklin Carneiro da Silva

“Knowing what is happening around the world, keeping up with the fast-paced movement of the markets and understanding exactly the meaning of every major event is crucial to create future professionals with well-informed opinions.”