The FEP Finance Club consists on 4 different departments that are interconnected to maximize the value output for the community. The departments are either technical or non-technical, in their nature. Although all departments share the same values, they apply those values in different contexts depending on the specialization of each department. 

Furthermore it is important to highlight the dependence of the performance of each department on its members. The individual member will have a number of responsibilities to meet and the Directors have high expectations regarding commitment and quality. The Directors do organize and ensure the quality of work, however, they will respect member’s special interests and professional goals to ensure profound motivation through a win-win environment.

External Relations

The FEP Finance Club aims to develop a strong relationship between the Club, the academic community and the professional world. Along with managing communication tools to report the Club´s activity, such as the website or social networks, the External Relations team organizes Business Trips to visit major investment banks, consultancy firms and private equity firms. Furthermore, the Department is responsible for all the marketing and the partnership proposals of the FEP Finance Club.

Career Development

The Department organizes finance meetings with professionals, finance workshops and issues career-related articles. Besides the development of members and students within the community, the Career Development department is also the Human Resources of the FEP Finance Club. Within CV checks, case studies and numerical tests simulations, the Club enables the necessary practice for a good performance on a real recruitment process. A third area is the community work of the FEP Finance Club: one of its most important projects is related with Financial Literacy Program, in which educational books are being currently published.

Financial Markets

Students interested in Financial Markets can deepen their knowledge in Portfolio Management, FX Trading or Market Research. The teams work on regular reports published to ensure their understanding and constant knowledge of the particular asset. The teams work together and the Market Research team regularly joins the others to give background information on market moving topics. Furthermore, the FX Trading and Portfolio Management teams trade on non-monetary accounts to enhance their technical and fundamental analysis skills.

Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance team publishes regularly reports on their estimated share price of companies based in Europe. Students apply their knowledge gained in class to a real business environment and real life operations, while developing critical thinking and teamwork skills. The analysis requires a full understanding of the company's cash flows and methods to calculate a resulting share price. 



The Management Team of the FEP Finance Club traditionally consists of four members which represent one department each. This year, the External Relationship department is represented by Ana Luísa Silva. The Career Development department is led by Tiago Paiva, whereas Pedro André Silva is the director of the Corporate Finance and Franklin Carneiro da Silva is the director of the Financial Markets departments. They showed outstanding commitment in their first year as members of the Club and have great ambitions, ideas and plans to enhance the value of the FEP Finance Club further this year.

The board of directors is composed by the directors of each department, and is chosen by the directors of the previous year.

Current Directors

This year's directors are characterized by international diversity, and are highly motivated to start their work. The first accomplished project is the conception of this new webpage.

Previous Directors

The directors of 2014-15 are graduating all in the Master of Finance at FEP. The directors especially put much work in the development and structuring of the different departments.


The founders of the FEP Finance Club started, in 2013, a very successful FEP Trading Club. They developed and implemented many projects that were continued over the following years, such as the Business Trips.