Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance Department provides its members with an opportunity to learn and train company valuation methods. These are not only useful for any future professional career in consulting or investment banking, but are also required in one of the major assignment of FEP’s Master in Finance. Therefore, the work developed within the Department assists students in successfully completing their studies and gives them an edge when applying for jobs. Soft skills are also emphasised, in addition to technical skills: members will partake into regular discussions and presentations about their assignments and receive feedback on the quality of their work.


Equity research reports on previously agreed upon companies are published on a semi-annual basis. These equity reports detail the investment case made by the members of the Department, which depends on the current price of the company and its value as perceived by them, ensuing from a thorough analysis of the firm’s operations and prospects. Valuations are based on the DCF method and supported by relative valuation methods. An Equity Challenge is hosted by the Club in the end of each year. The best reports are selected by a jury comprised of FEP Alumni with extensive professional experience in company valuation. The winner of the challenge is awarded a prize.


CFA Institute Research Challenge  

FEP has been a regular participant of the CFA Research Challenge, promoted by the CFA Institute at a national level. Frequent participants include, in addition to FEP, institutions like Nova SBE, Católica-Lisbon, ISCTE and ISEG. Our team ranked 2nd out of 5 teams in the last edition and we're eager to claim the first place this year!

FEP’s participation in the challenge is usually organized by the Corporate Finance department of the Club and therefore includes mostly club members, even though any FEP student can participate. If this is your case and you think you’ve got what it takes, let us know!