Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance Department provides an opportunity to learn and train company valuation methods. These are not only useful for any future professional career in consulting, but are also required in one of the major assignment in the Master in Finance at FEP. Therefore it assists students in the completion of their studies and give them a good advantage when applying for jobs. Besides the technical skills that can be achieved by members in this department, the department is planning to emphasis also the soft skills by mandatory presentations of the valuation report, followed a critical assessment of the work in group discussions.


Following the evaluation, equity reports are published regularly. The chart on the right shows the available reports. The companies to be valued are discussed and agreed upon general meetings. The DCF method reinforced by the multiple valuation technique is applied on every company. Their operations and market environment are analysed in depth for an appropriate forecast of the expected company’s performance.



Besides the reports, the members of the Corporate Finance Team are engaged to participate in the  HOLT Valuation Challenge hosted by Credit Suisse and the CFA Institute Research Challenge. This gives the chance to corporate finance members to be evaluated externally and receive documentation of outstanding knowledge.