FEP Trading Cup


16th - 27th of May 2016


The FEP Finance Club is very proud to announce its third official Trading Cup. The FEP Trading Cup is organized in partnership with BiG - Banco de Investimento Global.

BiG has not only agreed to sponsor the first prize of the FEP Trading Cup but has and will be providing the technical set-up and varies forms on knowledge transfer on trading. Besides BiG, the British Council is also one of our partners in this event and is sponsoring the 4th prize: 5Credits for the English Program "My Class".

The event will start on the 16th of May and FEP students will have for 10 trading days the opportunity to maximize their initial virtual balance. During this time, there we will host a number of events to support the knowledge and decision making of the traders. Most importantly, there is scheduled a Welcome Session on the 16th of May and a Networking Event & Award Ceremony on the 27th of May.