Why participate?

Why should you participate

Whether you are enrolled in a Bachelor or Master program at FEP, you once made your decision based on your interest to understand better the economy and business´s decision. Not only are the financial markets a vital part of both, it is also an area that provides many job opportunity and is being studied in more detail in the Bachelor of Economics and the Master in Finance at FEP.


Workshops on assets selection, trading strategies and fundamental analysis

Take responsibility for your choices! See if you understand the markets and can forecast short

How good are you compared to your classmates?

Can you compete in an industry known for its high competitiveness?

Are you talented? Be rewarded by one of our awesome prizes!

Got motivation? Have a great experience to add to your CV and showcase your experience in Cover Letters when applying to Global Markets positions.

How to participate


Fill out the form to create youraccount for the FEP Trading Cup. To be  eligible to participate in the competition, you must be enrolled at FEP.

E-mail Confirmation

As soon as you have filled out the form, you  should receive an email.  You can&then log:in into your account and start trading. ATTENTION: Your virtual balance will be set back  before the official  start of the FEP Trading Cup. But you are welcomed to try out the  platform before.