FX Trading

The FX Department was founded in the Summer of 2014. Although it concentrates on the EUR/USD spot market, we are planning to consider other currency pairs in the future. The team is divided into market analysts and traders, but works closely together and meets on a regular basis. 

Main goals

The Foreign exchange market is an over-the-counter market, decentralized market completely housed electronically. The main goal in our department is to explore the spot market. As the largest and most liquid market in the world, it proves to be crucial for the study of the various economic and financial phenomena. Our analysis are based on economic data and market behaviour. As a result, this data as well as global political news are widely discussed in the weekly department meetings serving as the basis for the beginning of each month to clearly organize our monthly reports which are used as a base information for various market players.

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“Covering the trading platform, the weekly meetings and the monthly reports, the members of FX department are provided with a deep perception of financial markets. Our goal is the solid improvement of our skills, enabling our members to grow through the sharing of information, knowledge and ideas”

Joana Silva, Head of FX Team

Monthly Reports

Following the previous section, we decide what subjects are more interesting to add to our EUR/USD reports. Thus, our monthly report is divided into four parts. Firstly, the fundamental analysis, where it is explored the main indicators which directly and indirectly influence the behaviour of the currencies (interest rates, GDP, unemployment, …). Secondly, the technical analysis, where we deeply analyse the market trends for the month in study by verifying the major technical indicators using charting methods which most influence the behaviour of the market during the various trading sessions. Thirdly, the spotlight, which is a component of the report that refers to an economic, political or social event with a major impact on the currencies being studied. And finally, the “Did you know…” section, where it is given an additional concept allowing our subscribers to get new knowledge.

"Getting my first job would be much harder if it wasn’t for the FEP Finance Club. We are a group of friends committed to develop each other’s communication skills, teamwork, proactivity and leadership”

Rui Vasco Ramos, Wealth Management Officer at BNP Paribas.


We expect to give the members of the FX Team crucial understanding of the market and have a first trading experience. Although we believe the theoretical component is important, the practice and experience of working in the capital markets is what drives our department. Therefore, each of our members have a portfolio where they have the availability to invest in the FX market using our partner´s trading platform, the BiG Global Trade. The performance of all traders are monitored and evaluated on a weekly basis. Rankings are displayed internally accounting for different strategies.

Current head of the FX Team: Joana Silva

We do take our job serious, but on the way we develop great friendships!