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The application process is open to all FEP students twice a year. Typically you can apply to all of our departments listed below, but you should have a precise idea of which role you would like to take. All applications are for membership positions. Management positions are assigned to highly committed FFC members, who have at least one year experience in the Club and can provide some external experience as well. Such promotions are announced in May. 

Before applying, please inform yourself about the different departments and the structure of the Club. The Club is divided into four main departments. All departments are recruiting in this season. So, don't miss your chance to apply!

Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance Team is looking for students who have or are about to gain experience in a company valuation. This team normally consists out of Master in Finance students, as their curriculum includes a corporate valuation assignment. However, if you are not enrolled in the Master in Finance program, but have done a company evaluation before, you are welcome to apply to this department.

Financial Markets

The department consist out of the Market Research, Portfolio Management and FX Team. You must ensure that you have read and decided on a specific department before your application. The departments require different levels of technical skills and work loads. You can find more information on each department on this webpage.

External Relations

In the External Relations Department you will have to choose between a great number of teams: Would you rather be in our marketing team, taking care of the homepage and other social networks or do you prefer to work with partners, planning business trips or be part of the finance department, controlling our budgets and financial accounts? Any of these teams require a regular commitment. 

Career Development

The department is divided into two main sub-departments: FFC Human Resources and career development support for members, students and the community. Whereas the first requires a commitment that is especially high twice a year during our recruitment seasons, the career development itself asks for continuous commitment and support in the Financial Literacy Program. For the Financial Literacy Program it is required to speak fluently Portuguese. 

Proficiency in English
Motivation & Commitment
Professional Experience
Proficiency in Portuguese

Applicant Profile

The FEP Finance Club is recruiting students, who are looking for a long term enrollment in the Club. If you are an Erasmus student, you can still apply, but the FFC might prioritize applicants who will be available for a longer period of time. Further, if you are eager to learn and have good time management skill, it can offset any missing experience.

After all, the FFC is here to train you and enhance your insight in the financial industry. The members are not required to have full knowledge on all matters. Your enrollment in the Club will prepare you for future job assignments. At the same time, we offer a number of services and events to our greater community.  Most of the events are in English and hence Portuguese is not required by our members. However, if you would like to join the Financial Literacy Program, you should be fluent in Portuguese.

Application Process

The FEP Finance Club is striving to optimize its internal structures, its publications and its external communication. To create and train in a high quality, we depend on our members. For this we carefully choose students after they convinced us to fit in our team in three steps: formal application, assessment center and personal interview

After the application process started, you send us your CV and a letter of motivation before the deadline. Ideally you have already met us in one of our events. Underline any previous experience that helps you in the department you desire to work in and your expectations to it.

In the first stage of the assessment center, you will be asked to take a number of written tests. These tests however do not cover any knowledge on finance or the area of your desired department. In the second stage, the applicants will be asked to work in a group to find solutions for different problems and to interact with each other, while being observed by our experienced team members. The two very different methods show us your logical thinking as well as your social skills. 

The last step in the application process is the personal interview. You will be interviewed by a member of the HR team as well as the director of your desired department. 

The reason for why we invest so much time and effort in our application process is besides the information we gain about you, the great practice it is for everyone involved. The application process can be found in the same way at many employers and hence we believe, that going through it once with us, will give you an advantage in the future. We are aware of the fact, that all steps require you to come to university and invest some of your free time. Besides the information we gain in the process about you, this shows us that you are really willing to commit to the Club.