Market Research

The Market Research team works on a daily basis to publish daily briefs and weekly newsletters on developments in different asset classes.

The team meets regularly and joins the FX Trading and Portfolio Management teams in their meetings, in order to give an in-depth fundamental analysis. The members are hence required to fully understand the most important market concepts, apply them and explain them to others, in text and also in small presentations. 

Furthermore this service is highly acknowledged by our faculty members, and the reports are open for subscription for anyone. 

“The purpose here can be seen from two perspectives: on one hand, it it is valuable for the students who create the reports, as they are up to date on the international financial markets; on the other hand, it is also valuable for our subscribers, who can easily receive a summary of the most relevant financial activity worldwide in their mailbox.”

João Fernandes, Director of Financial Markets 2014-15

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Weekly Reports

The two-page weekly market reports concentrate on the European (Portuguese, particularly) and the US financial markets. The topics are discussed in greater details than in the Daily Briefs. Important news from commodities and other geographical areas are grouped together with the US analysis. 

On both pages we have a selection of charts and graphs specific to regions and topics. The spotlights of the week are typically visualized beside reoccurring standard graphs. Information presented includes the performance of indices all around the world. Additionally, the S&P Latin America weekly performance, the most important EUR and USD currency pairs, reference rates (Euribor 1M, 3M, 6M and 12M and Eonia) and bond yields (Portugal 6M, 5Y and 10Y bond yield and the 10Y bond yield from Spain, France, Italy, Germany and the UK).

Daily Briefs

Our daily briefs focus on three geographical areas: Europe, Asia and the US. Given our location in Oporto, we additionally look into the Portuguese market’s movers. In the commodities section, we always cover the daily performance of gold and oil, and a third commodity, depending on daily results. All essential daily news in the global markets are portrait on one page. Whether it’s an IPO or bankruptcy, bull or bear, stay up to date on recent market changes through our club’s daily briefs!