Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management Team covers equities in different geographical locations.

Its members are trained in a series of workshops in different asset selection and asset allocation techniques. In regards to asset selection, both fundamental and technical analysis tools and techniques will be taught and utilized. As far as asset allocation is concerned, we aim to teach different models including the Black-Litterman model and the Markowitz mean-variance model, with more concentration on the later. The aim of these workshops is to train students to master the art of constructing and rebalancing a portfolio.

In addition, we will work for further collaboration with other teams with relevant expertise, namely the Market Research Team. This will benefit the members of the Portfolio Management team by keeping them continuously up to date with different financial and economic trends and developments.

All of what we have mentioned above will be tested via a virtual account; every member will get the chance to apply the skills acquired in a virtual trading platform. Members will manage portfolios based on their geographical market preferences, and they will have to report on a quarterly basis in which they mention the following:

  • The assets they have selected and the reasoning followed
  • The allocation technique followed
  • The rebalancing done within the period
  • The performance relative to a benchmark

Finally, hot topics in portfolio management, mutual fund markets and investment banks’ main strategies will be discussed in the regular meetings of the team, it will be the responsibility of the members to prepare interesting topics and present them if possible.

“The members of our team are able to learn by doing. This is accomplished by putting into practice asset selection and allocation techniques, and by discussing about strategies or other finance related topics in our meetings. Ultimately, the experience will allow them to develop all sorts of capabilities, from technical to teamwork and communication skills. This is essential to decrease the gap between the academic and professional worlds.” 

João Brito, head of Portfolio Management Team

Portfolio Management Team 2016/2017