in partnership with Morgan Stanley

🚨 We are pleased to announce the next AmplifyME Finance Accelerator event as part of our ongoing partnership 🚨

AmplifyME uses simulation technology to help students get hired based on their ability not background 🀝

On Thursday 30th November at 18:30 – 20:30 GMT (FEP – ROOM 218) we will be running the flagship Finance Accelerator simulation that will rotate you through roles in Sales & Trading and Asset Management πŸ“ˆ

Top performers will have the opportunity to be fast-tracked to AmplifyME’s partner clients, including global sponsors Morgan Stanley 🌏

The session will provide you with a unique practical experience, helping you find the role which is right for you πŸ’‘

3 Reasons why you should do the brand-new AmplifyME Finance Accelerator Simulation in partnership with Morgan Stanley πŸš€

1) Get real practical experience πŸ“ˆ – It’s application season, this simulation will give you real experience that you can take directly into your interviews.

2) Find your perfect role 🎯 – The Finance Accelerator simulation uses advanced performance metrics to quantify your skills and match you with your perfect role.

3) Get hired 🀝 – Top performers will be fast-tracked directly to further training and internship opportunities with Morgan Stanley.