Our History

FEP Finance Club was founded in March 2012 by Master in Finance students who sought to follow the tradition of major international business schools by bringing students closer to the world of Finance and Consulting. In March 2015, the Club decided to open its membership to all FEP students, strengthening the commitment to its values.

The high commitment and motivation allowed the involvement in projects such as Business Trips and daily reporting, enabling our members to work directly with companies like Morgan Stanley, Oliver Wyman and Bloomberg.

In 2018, the Club became an official organization with legal independence, underlining the strong development taking place within FEP Finance Club, driven by the growth of its professional environment, and the national recognition that follows.


Technical skills: learning by doing, research, technical trading, financial analysis, and reporting
Soft skills: teamwork, communication, time management, leadership


Business Trips to London, Madrid, Lisbon and Oporto
Finance Meetings


Financial Literacy Program: No Poupar Está o Ganho (+7,000 children)

Our Departments

The Financial Markets department aims to train its members’ hard skills, as well as to develop important soft skills, such as debate and presentation of ideas, and is divided into 3 sub-departments:

  • The Market Research team applies its valuable research abilities to produce daily and weekly reports on global markets and, for keeping up with the latest news, members have the possibility to participate in daily and weekly discussions on politics, economics and financial markets.
  • The Portfolio Management team uses its analysis capabilities, together with internal training, to improve its understanding of asset selection and asset allocation techniques, by constructing a portfolio which covers equities and other assets in different geographical locations, and by trading simulation. 
  • The Forex Trading team adopts its analytical skills to focus on foreign exchange markets, by engaging in weekly discussions; producing monthly reports on the EUR/USD pair and related relevant events or news; and making predictions of good market opportunities, applying them via trading simulation.

The Corporate Finance department focuses on company valuation. Members get to improve their understanding of what drives the value of a company and how it can be assessed by engaging in discussions and practicing valuation, resulting in the production of Equity Reports. In addition, soft skills such as debate and presentation of ideas are developed. The department also hosts the Equity Challenge at FEP and participates in the CFA Research Challenge, where members get to see their valuation skills graded by professionals in both cases.

The Career Development department aims to improve the knowledge and skills of the Club’s members, increasing their chances of a successful career through internal activities. The department is responsible for the Recruitment Process, the Internal Evaluation process and the Career Week, an internal member training week that happens at the beginning of each semester. Furthermore, the team has an important role in the community by promoting financial education. The Financial Literacy Project “No Poupar Está o Ganho”, in partnership with Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda, is a nation-wide pioneer project that has already impacted more than 24,000 children.

The External Relations department is responsible for the relationship between the Club, the academic community and the professional world. Strategy skills and high motivation are required to manage the marketing and communication of the Club and to deal with industry experts in the organization of external events and respective sponsorships, such as Finance Meetings, Talks and the FEP Trading Cup. Moreover, the Business Trips are the main project, in which students get to visit major investment banks, consultancy firms and private equity firms in London, Madrid, Lisbon and Oporto.