Equity Research Challenge

The Concept

The Equity Research Challenge is FEP Finance Club’s yearly competition for company valuation. It is aimed at Master in Finance and Master in Economics of Business and Strategy students at the School of Economics of the University of Porto (FEP U.Porto). Participants will have the opportunity to have the equity valuation reports they will have had already formulated in the Business Valuation class accessed by a panel of professionals and professors, who will provide valuable feedback on their work.

If you are not able to participate or are not enrolled in any of the masters’ announced, but are interested in learning more about this topic or finding out what Finance is all about, join us as a spectator at the final session.

Main Partner

This year, FEP Finance Club is very fortunate to work with KPMG Portugal in the Equity Research Challenge. After being last year’s competition’s main partner, KPMG Portugal will be providing guidance to the participants in the same fashion this year.

How It Works

1. Apply at the bottom of this page until the 29th December.

2. Receive a confirmation email with further details.

3. Submit your “Business Valuation” report until the 1st January.

4. Attend a webinar and Q&A session with a KPMG professional on the 25th January.

5. Prepare a presentation based on your report.

6. Present your work in front of a jury panel of professionals and professors on the 29th January.

7. Receive feedback and win the competition!



Two mentoring sessions with KPMG’s Deal Advisory Team!