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FEP Trading Cup

FEP Trading Cup

FEP Trading Cup is a competition organized by FEP Finance Club in partnership with an investment bank and the School of Economics and Management of the University of Porto (FEP U. Porto). This competition gives participants an opportunity to interact with the stock market in real time, without any risk, by using a trading platform.

Trading Cup '23

This event consists of a virtual trading competition and it allows students to perform trades in the stock market and future’s market, gaining real-world experience in the main activity of the Sales & Trades (S&T) profession. 

Throughout the event, we will also have workshops allowing participants to get to know more about the trading activity and its techniques, bringing the event to its highest level of competition.

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All the workshops offered during the course of the competition will be online and are certified by the Pro-Skills program.


1st Place


3rd Place

Pass to Career Week +
Copy of "The Intelligent Investor"

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The Trading Cup has a 3€/person fee.

1€ will be donated to a partner charity of FEP Finance Club.

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