Quiz – Easy

1. When our rights are not being respected by a food company, we should file a complaint:Add description here!
2. It is important that everyone allocates money to savings. That value should be:
3. The illiquid income corresponds:
4. For a consumer to have its purchasing power increased:
5. Property income corresponds:
6. One of the functions of currency is the store of value. This means that:
7. Central banks are responsible for:
8. When an investment is made in foreign currency, which of these occurs:
9. A credit agreement for the purchase of consumer goods is considered a:
10. Savings:
11. What is coinsurance?
12. Which of the following companies is the most direct competitor of NOS (Portuguese company in the communication services industry)?
13. How do you calculate a company's profit margin?
14. What is the option that does not represent a potential consequence of a company making negative profits (i.e. losses):
15. In the Foreign Exchange Market you can trade different currencies. If the EUR/USD is trading at 1.1, what does it mean?
16. What is the institution responsible for establishing interest rates?
17. What does a company stock represent?