About our reports

Starting in 2014, the Club produces daily, weekly, monthly and biannual reports regarding a variety of subjects related to financial markets and investments. In order to ensure that the content created is of the utmost relevance and reliability, the information is mainly collected from sources such as Bloomberg, Reuters and Financial Times. Among all four, the Club has over 850 subscribers, and its work on the matter has been acknowledged by a news article in the newspaper “Público”. 

These reports are not only invaluable to all those who want to keep up to date with the financial markets and to learn more about Finance, but also to members who, by striving to create quality content, get a chance to be more informed and train both their technical and their English skills.

Daily Briefs

The Daily Briefs are newsletters made by the Market Research team with the goal of informing subscribers of the world’s most relevant news and events related to the financial markets. The report, which is published from Tuesday to Friday, is extremely useful to all those keen on keeping up with all that is happening around world by being readily available in their inbox from 8 a.m. onwards.

Weekly Newsletter

The Weekly Newsletters are made by the Market Research team, which reports all relevant news and events, regarding financial markets worldwide, that took place during the previous week. Published every Monday and available in your inbox from 8 a.m. on, it seeks to be a more complete alternative to the Daily Briefs by delving deeper into relevant subjects that influence the markets.

FX Monthly Report

The Monthly Reports are made by the FX Trading team and aim to decompose and analyze the EUR/USD pair through different technical and fundamental perspectives. Moreover, the analysis delves deep into the month’s most significant news or event regarding the economies of the aforementioned currency pair. The report is published on the first Monday of every month at 8 a.m.

Equity Valuation Report

The Equity Valuation Reports are made by the Corporate Finance team and are comprised of an industry analysis and corporate valuation on a predetermined company made by each member. The biannual reports seek to determine the value of a firm as perceived by them, through a thorough analysis of the firm’s operations and prospects. These reports are later evaluated at the Equity Research Challenge.