The Concept

Since 2012, FEP Finance Club has been organising different business trips to London, Madrid, Lisbon and Oporto, which allowed participants to visit some of the world’s leading companies.

This year, due to the pandemic, an adaptation was inevitable. Under these circumstances, we seized the opportunity to deliver a more accessible, more global event. The FEP Finance Club Virtual Business Trip is your first step towards a global career.

Through an array of different events, the Virtual Business Trip is your ticket to learning the ins and outs of a global career by listening to the experiences of fantastic professionals from different sectors, learning about the missions and career openings of several different companies, and much more.

The Virtual Business Trip has been conceptualised primarily for BSc and MSc students at the School of Economics of the University of Porto (FEP U.Porto), however, applications from students from other schools and prospective professionals are still accepted.

Tracks & Companies


When? 15th, 17th, 18th and 19th February at 11AM and 2PM

Duration? 1h30 (approx)

The main event of the Virtual Business Trip. Participants will have the opportunity to get to know more about the day-to-day activities of the different companies, as well as their mission, objetives, and career opportunities. With interaction and active participation in mind, participants are more than welcome to pose questions to the hosting professionals.

When? 15th and 18th February at 4PM

Duration? 1h30 (approx)

The first training session will be lead by a KPMG professional. It will address issues found in the early years of work experience and focus on the most important soft skills for entry level professionals.

The second training session will be lead by a BNP Paribas professional and will go over general advice on how to prepare and build a good CV.

When? 17th February at 6PM

Duration? 1h30 (approx)

The “International Careers” Talk will be a moment where participants will have the opportunity to hear about invited professionals with relevant international careers, who will share their experiences in a panel style conversation. Participants will be welcome to pose questions and get to know how each of the present professionals got to where they are now.

When? 19th February at 4PM

Duration? 1h30 (approx)

The Networking Event will be the most interactive and informal event of the Virtual Business Trip. Participants will have the opportunity to talk with many of the familiar faces they will have got to know during the company presentations, thus having the opportunity to better understand their experiences and inputs on the global professional world. Albeit in a different fashion from what would be typical in a on-site Business Trip, it is the ideal moment for networking and creating contacts that may potentially be valuable to participants in the future.

How can I apply?

Sign up to one day, two days, or the whole event

Taking into account the participants' different interests regarding different sectors of the professional world, participants are free to apply for as many days as they want, without the obligation to apply for the whole week. Alternatively, participants may sign up to the whole event and benefit from the decreased costs.

Symbolic Price

While each Day Ticket is priced at 2€, the All Access Ticket is priced at 5€.

All payments should be made by bank transfer – the details will be sent after filling the application form.

Social Partner

Charitable Donation – O Meu Lugar no Mundo

One fourth of all ticket income will revert to a donation to our partners “O Meu Lugar no Mundo”.

“O Meu Lugar no Mundo” focuses on fostering the education of socially vulnerable children. Through its programmes, FEP Finance Club promotes financial literacy and eagerly contributes to the betterment of the community.

Applications are now closed!