This year, our student-run organization is accepting applications from all University of Porto students!
We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and personalities who can contribute to and enhance our club.
Applications will be accepted until September 24th (2023)
Application Period is Now Closed

Why should you apply to FEP Finance Club?

The One and Only – We are the sole finance club in FEP. If you want to dive deep into the world of finance, we’re your exclusive gateway.

Making Finance Fun – Joining our club isn’t just about learning; it’s about having fun while applying the concepts you’ve studied in your finance-related classes. Through exciting real-world projects and engaging activities, you’ll get to see how finance comes alive in practical and enjoyable ways. Join us, and let’s make finance not only educational but also incredibly fun and relevant to your life.

Developing Essential Soft Skills – Being a part of our club enriches your life as a student. It goes beyond the classroom, allowing you to gain knowledge, skills, and experiences that are invaluable for personal and professional growth. You’ll have the opportunity to enhance your skills in leadership, communication, problem-solving, group development, time management, and presentation.

Collaborative Learning – By being a member, you’ll have the chance to learn from others in the field, gain insights from peers, and collectively expand your understanding of investment strategies and financial markets.

Networking – Our club provides you with a great opportunity to network. It’s an amazing platform to meet potential employers and industry experts through Business Trips and Workshops organized throughout the year.

Inclusive Community – We’re more than just a club, we’re a welcoming family. Our atmosphere is filled with camaraderie and support. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned student, you’ll find a place where you belong. We pride ourselves on genuinely kind individuals, including older students who generously extend their guidance and support whenever needed. Here, mentorship and friendship go hand in hand.

By joining our club, you’re investing in yourself, acquiring skills and expertise that can open doors to exciting career opportunities and personal financial growth.

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Application Period is Now Closed